Primary Links

The change from primary to secondary school is an important time for all children; some pupils take it in their stride, others are less certain. Transfer from primary school can be a nervous time. We understand this and provide help and support to ensure families adapt quickly and comfortably to the new school life.

Cardinal Allen Catholic High School recognises the importance of building and maintaining close and effective links with all of our partner primary schools. We actively share resources on a regular basis where our staff work closely with primary colleagues in the planning, preparation and delivery of a quality and enjoyable educational experience for youngsters. Primary children visit our site to use facilities on a regular basis so that the start to Cardinal Allen in Year 7 is a familiar experience.

The senior staff visit our partner schools as often as possible, to establish links with future pupils.  We also hold a moving up day each year for Year 6 pupils to experience life in the school before they start as Year 7 pupils in September. The aim of the moving up day is to ensure that your children feel confident, eager and enthusiastic to start at Cardinal Allen in September.

Cardinal Allen Catholic High School has strong relationships with the surrounding primary schools. We work with them on a variety of projects and events throughout the year.  This ensures a smooth transition from primary to secondary education.

Examples of direct links with our local primary schools include:

  • The Fleetwood Way Partnership;
  • The Fleetwood Reads initiative;

The school serves Catholic children from the Catholic parishes situated within the Borough of Wyre St Mary's, St Wulstan's & St Edmund's - Fleetwood, St John's, St Martin De Porres & English Martyrs - Poulton, Sacred Heart & St Nicholas Owen -Thornton together with the Catholic parishes of Cleveleys (St Teresa & St John Southworth), Bispham (St Bernadette), Pilling (St William) Knott End (St Bernard) and Great Eccleston (St Mary). In the case of Great Eccleston the children who travel to that school from Elswick, Little Eccleston, Larbreck, Out Rawcliffe, Singleton, Thistleton, St Michael's and Inskip are also included.