Phased Return

This information simply confirms that contained in the letter sent to all families before the summer break.

In light of the fact that very few of our pupils will have been in school since 20th March, none of them will be familiar with our new routines, and our new Year 7 pupils have missed out on all aspects of their induction. With this in mind, and as a part of our risk assessment, we are planning for a safe, phased return as follows:

Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11
3rd September
4th September
7th SeptemberHome LearningHome Learning
8th SeptemberHome LearningHome Learning
9th SeptemberHome Learning
10th SeptemberHome Learning
11th September

The School Day
: in line with DfE guidance, each Year Group will form a bubble with the intention that the bubbles should not meet at any stage of the day. There will be changes to the start and end of the school day, split breaks and lunches, and most pupils will be in the same classroom for nearly all of their lessons – the exceptions being PE and IT for all year groups, and practical option subjects for Years 10 and 11.

Pupils will be arriving and leaving school as follows:

Arriving at (no earlier)Entering and leaving school viaLeaving at
Year 7:8:35Green Gates2:50
Year 8:8:50Green Gates3:05
Year 9:8:35Back Gates2:50
Year 10:8:50Back Gates3:05
Year 11:8:35Back Gates3:15

Green Gates are on Melbourne Avenue and the Back Gates on Broadway

It is essential, for the integrity of the bubbles, that pupils arrive at their start time – no earlier and no later.

We very much look forward to seeing all of our pupils return in September so that we can return to some sense of normality.